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Forms Forms and more Forms!!

Good evening everyone!  Mrs Weaver here…(ignore the name..LOL)

Super proud of all of the scouts and all that they accomplished tonight!  Great Job Guys!

I have a 3 month tracker sheet for the following scouts:

  1. John W (nothing filled out/do you have it somewhere else?)
  2. Harrison W (personal fitness filled)
  3. Dylan R (nothing filled out yet)
  4. Andrew B (nothing filled out yet)
  5. Victor C (personal fitness filled)
  6. Alan C (family life and personal fitness filled)
  7. Richard E (nothing filled out yet..don’t know why it didn’t keep it)
  8. Nick B (nothing filled out yet)
  9. Christo A (personal fitness filled)
  10. Justin R (nothing filled out yet)
  11. Benjamin J (nothing filled out yet)

Please make sure that you have your information filled out so you can get started!!  Your FIRST step is to get your exercise program approved if you are doing Personal Fitness.

HINT HINT HINT: if you haven’t done so you might want to email the merit badge counselors with your plan to get it approved…(Mrs. Ramich, Mrs. Pientka, Mr. Rossi)

IF you typed it in the sheet and somehow it didn’t keep, (we had that happen ) make sure you fill it in.  I believe Mrs. Ramich took pics of the plans so give her a shout out if you need it again.

The following scouts have an Aerobic Fitness Test sheet:

  1. John W. (start test done!)
  2. Harrison W (start test done!)
  3. Alan C (needs Run/Walk)
  4. Victor C (needs Run/Walk)
  5. Richard E (needs the reach)
  6. Justin R (nothing filled out yet)
  7.  Benjamin J. (nothing filled out yet)
  8. Andrew B. (nothing filled out yet)
  9. Nick B. (nothing filled out yet)

If you are planning on doing the personal fitness and don’t have a sheet yet…LET ME KNOW!!  Make sure you get your fitness test done this week so you know where you are so you can set up your goal!

LAST THING I PROMISE!!!  If you are going to sea base, talk to one of the fitness counselors to see how you’re going to be tracking and doing your personal fitness/family life/budgeting…PLAN AHEAD and you’ll be successful.

Thank you Gentlemen for reading my novel!

Mrs. Weaver!!


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