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AquaCamp Trip — Updated info & pre-reqs; COVID & Med forms Needed!

The Tampa-based leaders of next weekend’s AquaCamp updated the Leaders Guide and the pre-requisites for some of the Merit Badges.  Pls review the pre & post requisites list attached & below (some MBs, especially Eagle required ones, have activities you need to complete at home after the class to fully earn the MB). 

They’ve adjusted the schedule for meals so there are two shifts, thus allowing for greater social distancing while in the dining hall.  We’ll get our assigned times at check-in next Friday night.  Masks are REQUIRED at all times in Wood Hall except while actively eating & drinking.  We need to bring water jugs for our campsite. 

Canoeing MB pre-reqs:  (Alan, John, Kyle, Justin, Eric) Study requirements 1, 3-6 and be prepared to discuss in class.  

Swimming MB pre-reqs:  (Harrison & Victor) Study requirement 1.b and be prepared to discuss in class.  

Citizenship in the Nation:  (Ben, Drew, Nick) Scouts should bring a notebook and pen OR the workbook (whatever will be most
helpful to them for notetaking). They may bring a device to email a senator (optional, as they may use pen/paper if they prefer).
Requirements 2, 3, 6, and 8 will need to be completed outside of class, although scouts may be given instruction in class as to how to complete these.                 

Citizenship in the World:  (Richard) Scouts should bring a notebook and pen OR the workbook. Scouts will also need a
copy of the merit badge book as some of the instruction will require review of the book. Some requirements will need to be completed outside of class after in-class instruction.                     

Communication:  (Ben, Richard)  Requirements 6,7 & 8 will involve instruction at camp but will require completion at the
troop level after camp.       

Snorkeling BSA:  (Drew, Nick)  Each Scout must be familiar with the BSA Snorkeling Safety Pamphlet. Each Scout must bring his or her own mask, snorkel and fins.            

BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding:  Each Scout must be familiar with the BSA Stand Up Paddleboarding Pamphlet

They are also requiring that everyone (adults too) complete pages 2&3 of the attached COVID form.  Pls print, sign & bring to Swim test or to Tuesday night’s campout. 

Standard BSA Med Forms are also mandatory (Parts A&B only).  Most troop members need to turn in updated forms to Mrs. Boden ASAP.  Pls turn in TWO copies of your forms INCLUDING the front & back of your insurance cards.  Sea Base participants don’t need new complete Med forms since we already have them EXCEPT for new copies of Part A since Sea Base kept our originals (!)  



Updated Aqua_Camp_2021_Leaders_Guide_v2

Updated MB Pre and Post Requirements 9-2021


2019 vsn Med Form Pts A-B 680-001_AB

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