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Poinsettia Fundraiser – 2021

Poinsettias In Yellow Wrapped Pot transparent PNG - StickPNG

Below is the info on the 2021 POINSETTIA SALE FUNDRAISER for our troop.

This is an INCREDIBLY easy way for you to earn your way to camps, pay dues or high adventure trips.

POINSETTIA Brochure Blank 2021

This brochure can be used to post at a store, office, parents workplace. Put your name and contact information on the bottom for customers to contact you to order.

Poinsettia Fundraiser Order Form

This order form will be used to write your customer’s name, address, telephone number, the quantity they order and amount paid. (HINT: Save this form from year to year and you can contact your prior customers)



This introduction will give you all the pertinent info on the sale, dates when orders should be given to Mrs. Boden, dates plants will be delivered to Grace and when you need to pick plants up to deliver them to your customer.


Poinsettia Corporate Letter 2021

This letter can be used for corporations to provide them information about our troop and fundraising efforts.

If we find that the sales are great and we need additional dates for pickup or you have a very large order or special request, please communicate with Mrs. Boden and we can make arrangements to accommodate the request.

Please contact Mrs. Boden at 561-441-5861 with any questions.  Happy Selling!


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