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IMPORTANT!! Scout Accounts must be paid in FULL before attending activities/getting awards

It has come to our attention that some Scout account balances have been creeping up, and we wanted to highlight Troop 215’s policy regarding payments of dues and activities. With SAW coming up in a few weeks and our next Court of Honor on Dec 7, we need to have everyone pay off any outstanding balances so they can attend SAW & get their awards. The Troop needs funds to pay for re-chartering each individual. You will receive an updated statement this week so you can check whether you have a balance.

Payments in full must be received by Tuesday 11/16 for those signed up for SAW. Please contact Cheryl Baylor by Friday 11/12 at noon to make payment arrangements. If you do not think you will be able to make the payments and need to withdraw from SAW we need to know ASAP. It may be too late to refund your SAW payments.

Please remember that there are always opportunities for Scouts to earn their own way via ScoutBucks at Grace, or via our fundraisers like the Poinsettia Fundraiser (last year some Scouts earned over $500 each!)

Below are the relevant sections of the Troop 215 Handbook ( that state our policy on the payment of fees:

Section 2.2 REGISTRATION AND DUES (pg 7)

Scouts who have not paid their dues in full by the 15th of each month will have their advancement items withheld and be kept from campout participation until dues are paid. Scouts will not be re-registered until dues are paid. Costs for campouts and other activities are paid prior to those activities.   

Section 5.4 COST OF SCOUTING (pg 20, paragraph 4)

Scouts who sign up for an event and later are unable to attend must notify one of the scoutmasters PRIOR to the event. Money paid by the Troop on behalf of the scout that is non-transferable or non-refundable will not be refunded. Refunds will NOT be made after the “sign up/drop out” deadline.



Scouts who have not paid their dues, in full, prior to a Court of Honor will have their advancements withheld until payment is made. Additionally, Scouts who have not paid their dues, in full, prior to a monthly camp out, will not be able to attend until payment is made in full.

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