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Flag laying and Memorial Day

Troop 204 has asked for help with their Memorial weekend activities. Their full email is below. Here is the place and time:

Pinecrest Cemetery located at 1724 12th Ave South.

Saturday Morning from 8:30 am until about 1 pm


They will also conduct a Color Guard Monday morning. Lastly Monday afternoon at 4:00 they re-convene to pick up the flags and pack them away for next year. Full Class A would be required for the Flag laying and Color guard.



Dear Fellow Local Troops and Scouters
I am the Scout master at Troop 204 located at Lakeside United Methodist Church 
1901 12th Avenue South, Lake Worth, Florida
Every year for the last 30 years we have been proud to work with the The City of 
Lake Worth and American Legion Post 047 also of Lake Worth. Each year we put out 
roughly 1300 flags and crosses out at the 
Pinecrest Cemetery located at 1724 12th Ave South.
Last year due to COVID we were short on help. Since then we have lost 5 scouts, 
but only gained 2 new scouts making us very short on man power this year.
Starting on Saturday Morning from 8:30 am until about 1 pm, We put 
flags and crosses in the ground.
Then on Monday morning we assemble at the church parking area about 9am for Dress 
inspection and Rehearsal, Before the Ceremony at about 9:30 am we parade a court 
of 10 flags to the Cemetery Then about 10 am we participate in the Ceremony until 
roughly 10:30 or 11 am and the return to our Church. 
At the end of the day around 4 pm we meet back and pick up all flags and crosses 
and repack them for another Year.
I really need about 8 additional Scouts in Full Class A Uniform Monday morning 
to assist our Troop 204 with the Flag display.
If you could let me know this week if you have any Scouts available for Monday 8:30 am
to 11 am. 
We also need help additional volunteers on Saturday morning placing and Monday evening repacking the flags and crosses
Kenneth Drury SM Troop 204
cell-1: 561-248-8339
cell-2: 863-589-6009

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