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Announcements & Troop Schedule

Thank you to everyone who volunteered on Saturday and helped make the Field Day a success!  Everyone worked very well together, led fun games, and taught two great classes.

Tomorrow Night 9/27/22:

Mr. Thomas will be talking about hiking & barefoot mailman hike.  Possibly working on knots too.

Wear class A uniform, bring your boy Scout Handbook and a bottle of water.

See you tomorrow night!

Kyle – The Scribe

Here’s a list of our currently scheduled campouts and meeting agendas:

9/27/22                      Meeting – Hiking talk with Mr. Thomas.  Possibly working on knots.

10/4/22                      Meeting – Hosting award ceremony for Webelos & AOL.

10/7/22                      4:00 pm move yard sale items up from the storage unit. Please help.

10/8/22                      Yard Sale.  Everyone is asked to help with this Troop fundraiser.

10/11/22                    Meeting – Lashings

10/18/22                    Meal planning for campout & cook-off meal planning.

10/21 to 10/23/22     Campout – Bioluminescence canoeing.

10/25/22                    Meeting – Halloween theme, costumes, and cook-off.

11/1/22                      Meeting – Finish movie making MB *If Mr. Rossi is available.

                       Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

11/5/22                      Scouting for Food, bag drop.  Lake Charles community.

11/8/22                      Meeting – Game night.

11/12/22                    Scouting for Food, bag pick-up.  Lake Charles community.

11/15/22                    Meeting – Flag retirement ceremony – invite Cub Scouts.

11/18 to 11/20          Campout – SAW at TK.

11/22/22                    No Meeting – Thanksgiving break.

11/29/22                    Meeting – Scout jeopardy (Harrison, Game Master)

12/6/22                      Meeting – Weather MB (to begin Aviation MB).

                                  Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

12/10/22                    Aviation MB with Mrs. Leach – Lantana Airport.

12/13/22                    Meeting – Holiday theme – $10 gift exchange game.

                                 Bring holiday food to share.

12/20/22                    No Meeting – Winter break.

12/26 to 1/1/23         NYLT – Scouts register individually at Gulfstream Council website.

12/27/23                    No Meeting – Winter break.

1/3/23                         Meeting –

                                    Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

2/4 to 2/5/23              Campout & Hike – Barefoot Mailman

2/7/23                         Meeting –

                                    Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

2/11/23                      Ziplining.

3/7/23                         Meeting –

                                    Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

3/31 to 4/2/23           Campout – Sun N’ Fun Aerospace Expo, Lakeland FL

4/4/23                        Meeting –

                                  Also, crazy hat & sock night (1st meeting of each month).

4/14 to 4/15/23         Campout – Econ Loxahatchee

7/10 to 7/19/23         Summer Camp – High Adventure – Philmont, NM

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