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AquAcademy Update

AA is almost here. Here are a few things to remember for AA:

Gathering at Grace at 3:30pm for a 4:00pm departure on this FRIDAY. All Scouts are expected to travel to and from camp in Class A uniform. We must attend a mandatory meeting at 7pm on Friday night in order to participate in water activities.

Required items to bring; back pack, MB book/worksheet, at least 2 changes of underwear, 2 class b shirts, 2 shorts, swimsuit, towel, shower kit and DEODERANT. A WPA is recommended, that is a WATER PROTECTION APPAREL (poncho, jacket, rain suit), since the forecast calls for RAIN. If you have a prescription, give me the medications on Friday at Grace.

Tents are provided by camp. You must bring a sleeping pad and or bag or sheets & blanket. Forecast is for a low of 70. BURRRRR

Since we are leaving at 4pm sharp, pack a dinner. We are not stopping for food. Bathroom breaks will be in a safe location.

If you have any questions, please post them here for all Scouts to benefit. I will respond as quickly as I can.

Looking forward to a wonderful time at Camp Flaming Arrow.

Jim Putnik





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  • Mr. J. Putnik

    Just checked the weather report, forecast its gonna be hot with a 50-60% chance of rain.
    Remember to pack non-aerosol bug spray and sun block. Also pack a water bottle, deck of cards and or books to read just in case we have to stay inside due to the weather.

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