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For Tomorrow Night’s Meeting 10/4/22:

If any Webelos or AOL attend we will be presenting them with their Fire Safety Certificate.

We will be tying Woggles with Mr. Rossi & Ben as our instructors plus lashings and first aid review if we have time.

Please pay your $15.00 Monthly dues tomorrow night and any outstanding balance you have from previous months. You can pay with cash, check, or ZELLE. Send ZELLE payments to

THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you signed up for SAW, you need to give Mrs. Weaver a list of the top three merit badge classes you want. If you don’t let her know you will get whatever is left.

Tomorrow night, wear your CRAZY HAT & SOCKS with your class A uniform, bring your boy Scout Handbook and a bottle of water.

See you tomorrow night!

Kyle – The Scribe

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