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Eagle Project

Hey guys,

I am having part of my Eagle Project at my house this Saturday, the 13th. It will start at 8:45 am and go to 11:00 am at my house. My address is 9113 Paragon Way Boynton Beach and my house phone is (561) 735-3424.  I will be leading the scouts in going door to door asking for donations. I am hoping for a number of newer scouts to get experience and older scouts to see how they might lead an Eagle Project. Most likely you will also being sorting through bags of cloths and food.    

You will need to bring a water bottle, Class A and B, and a scouting appropriate hat.  You will be asking people for donations so please look and smell nice, that means wear deodorant.  You will be walking a lot so wear comfortable shoes, please no sandals.

I will give you guys community service hours just bring me your school forms.

If you are a parent of a scout please come too to supervise the scouts.

Please RSVP to this if you are coming with your name, phone number, and emergency number (like your parents).  


Eddie Whitaker

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