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Eddie’s Eagle Project

Hey Guys


I am having phase two of my Eagle Project this Saturday, the 20th. Please be at my house, 9113 Paragon Way 33472, at 8:45am to begin and I am going to try to end at 11:00am. You guys will be picking up donation bags from around the neighborhood, sorting the donations into groups, and assembling bags. I will give community services hours to anyone who comes. If you need them for school please bring the forms.    

Just to go over the points one more time

1 point for

  • a bag of rice
  • can of vegetables, chicken, grilled chicken soup, or any piece of clothing
  • a bag of beans
  • just add water pancake mix

5 points for a pair of usable shoes

15 points for a complete bag which includes [a bag of rice, a bag of beans, 4 cans of vegetables (each must be different), a can of chicken, grilled chicken soup, and just add water pancake mix] and be double bagged and tied.



Eddie Whitaker

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