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Eddie’s Eagle Project

Hay guys

An update on the points.

  1. Phoenixes with 185
  2. Narwhals 41
  3. Stealth with 38
  4. Ninjas with 35
  5. Black Beards with 20
  6. Bats with 9

You can earn points by bringing in non perishable food items and clothing. Please ask me at the meeting for more details.

I will be having an continuation of phase one this Saturday the 10th. Basically you will be sorting cloths and food, no hard labor. Please be at my house, 9113 Paragon Way 33472 boynton beach, at 9am we shouldn’t be working past 11am. I will give community service hours if  you bring the school form. Please let me know if you are planing to come; give me the best way to contact you and an emergence contact. If  you are comming you should be in class-B.    


Eddie Whitaker

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