Past Events


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Important Announcements!!!

  •  phone numbers Please make a post if any phone numbers you are trying to call are not working or are wrong.
  • Food for Families 8:25 AM  Saturday November 10th meet at the church for Food for Families
  • yard sale December 1st yard sale at the church so start looking for anything to donate to be sold at the yard sale
  • Eddies eagle  Project 9 AM- 11 AM at his house (address already on the website)
  • Court of Honor December 11th
  • Patrol flags and Stealth patrol Box need to be built patrols please set a date time and place to meet outside of weekly meeting to build these.
  • Please do not stand on the ring around the fire pit, stand behind it with your patrol
  • Participation in troop activities, patrol meetings and troop games is mandatory unless you have talked to and been given approval by the SPL to do otherwise.

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