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SAW Information

Some Scouts need to make payments to bring their accounts up to date.  If you owe the troop money, please see Mrs. Whitaker to make your payment.  You cannot camp unless you are paid up on your dues.  

Some scouts need updated health forms or additional information. If you have been contacted about this, please get your information to Lisa Jennings tonight.  Here is a link to the most up to date health form.

Make sure your pre-requisites are done.  Scouts taking Camping, First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Citizenship in the Nation or Citizenship of the World Merit Badges have pre-requisites.  If these are not completed you will not complete your Merit Badge on Saturday.

Please see the link to the pre-requisite list to find out what you need to complete.

Campers: We will be meeting at Grace at 5:30 Friday to depart no later than 5:45. If you do not arrive on time, you will need to meet us at Tanah Keeta in Jupiter.  If you are camping and will not be driving with the troop, please notify Paul Freeman 561-685-7671.

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