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Meeting overview and announcements 10/25/11

Tonight’s announcements: If you’re a new scout or under First Class, see Eric Fullilove to help you with your rank advancement. Also important, this weekend we will NOT be camping on Friday night; we will be meeting at the church on Saturday at 9:00AM, and the patrols will NOT be making dinner, so be sure to eat breakfast before you come. Also, during the campout Quinn will be doing his Life project and Michael will be doing his Star project, and Mr. Hoyt will be taking a few scouts to sell popcorn at Gander Mountain. Also, NYLT staff applications are available on the council website, so if you’ve already been to NYLT, you’re eligible to staff at NYLT. Furthermore, if you have any popcorn take orders, or extra popcorn to return, contact Mr. Hoyt, before November 19th. 

Thanks, and have a great week!

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