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Attention to all who are on the list to attend:

It’s time to start preparing!

 Look over your gear, with the holidays approaching you may want to ask Santa for a new pack or a pair of good hiking boots. If you need new boots get it done soon so you have plenty of time to get them broken in.

We are planning a hike in the end of December at JD State Park I would like as many as can make it to do so. Starting in January we will be scheduling regular hikes with gear to start conditioning and getting reacquainted with backpacking equipment such as stoves and water filters that we don’t use on a regular basis. Attendance for the prep hikes will be mandatory, we will train as a group, some will be day hikes others may be overnight trips. The better we are prepared the more fun we will all have. You should be doing regular cardio training in addition to anything we do as a group; walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.

Please take some time to visit Philmont’s website and have a look at some of the activities that will be available to us, we have the opportunity to plan our trek and your input will be needed.

Here is a link to Philmont’s page on preparing for the trek, it includes sections on what to bring, getting ready physically, etc. 

Beyond all of this we will be planning fundraisers to put a dent in the cost of travel to and from camp, this also will be mandatory participation.

If anyone has any questions you can call me at 561-541-6685 or email at, if you have any other input for the group please post it as a reply to this message.



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