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Jonathan Dickinson Hike December 8

l am inviting everyone in 215, to go on my hike on Satutrday December 8 It would be good practice for Philmont and it is the  hardest requirement for the Hiking Merit Badge. We are planning to hike on Saturday, December , we will leave the church at 6:30 am and return at 6 pm. Everyone should  bring a 32 oz water bottle and a lunch. The trail we will take is the East Loop Trail (10.3 miles)to the Scrub Jay Camp site then hike back, then eat lunch.  Then hike the Kitching Creek Trail(10 miles) out and back. Call Me at 547-0021 if you would like to go.

This is not a hike for beginners, please dont make this your first hike, please have completed hikes of 10 miles or more in the past.

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