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Upcoming Events

This Tuesday, January 15th, we will be finishing up on our lashings and having a patrol rank check. Attendance is to be written with the scout’s rank.

On January 22nd, we will plan for TK campout, “Slowshades and Coolers”.

In February the TK campout will be from February 15th through the 17th. We need more attendance to be able to go to TK.

There will be a Scout Sunday on February 10th ask Eric P. for more information and on February 16th there will be the Scoutmaster’s Camporee.

In March there will be a Crossover and we are planning camping at TK  March 1st through the 2nd and we will go to the TK range . If we can’t go to the TK range we will go to Fun depot on a Thursday during Spring Break.

April we will be planning on going to Peanut Island.

In May we will be going either kayaking or going to Fun Depot.

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