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Scoutmaster Campout Health forms

The adults and scouts listed below are missing all or part of the required health forms. THESE ARE REQUIRED TO BE ABLE TO GO ON THE CAMPOUT. Please bring the requested information as noted on Tuesday night. I will be early and will stay late. I will have blank forms for those that need them, but remember that a copy of the insurance card (both sides) is required, so please bring that.

Forms may also be filled out online (bring copies as well as the copy of the insurance card):

The adults and scouts listed as going on the Scoutmaster Campout but missing health forms:

Adult Last Name Adult First Name Part A and B  NEED
Boekholder Jason 5/21/12 Ins card
Leikala Scott 1/24/12 A&B, ins
Thompson Richard 6/21/12 Tetanus date
Wysong Brian 7/12/10 A&B, ins, tetanus
Scout Last Name Scout First Name Part A and B  NEED
Cimmino Kristian 1/24/2012 A&B, ins
Chrichton Thomas 6/14/2011 A&B, ins
Freeman Cole 2/14/2012 A&B, ins
Kacprowicz Evan 3/20/2012 Ins card
Leach Christopher not signed/dated signature
Leach James not signed/dated signature
Richards David 11/16/2012 tetanus date
Smith Jeremiah 6/20/2012 Ins card
Weiss Vincent 2/14/2012 A&B, ins
Wysong David 4/15/2010 A&B, ins

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