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peanut island and summer camp

Hello everyone the March camp out is fast approaching her is a list of everyone on the list:


Evan Kaprowitz, Eric Putnic, Andy Thomas, Cole Freeman, Jay Unruh, Eric Fullilove, Tyler Ake, Andrew Hoyt, David Barnett, David Richards, Jordan Daley, Jeremiah Smith, Connor Marcellus, Jimmy Thompson, Chris Leach, Nicholas Boekholder, Quinn Delgado, Thomas Crichton, Charles Crichton


Collin Unruh


Geoff Thomas, Jim Unruh, Alan Fullilove, Brian Wysong

Everyone please make sure your health records and dues and camping fees are all current.

All leaders please  make sure required training is up to date.

Everyone interested in attending summer camp at camp La-No-Che (7-7-13 thru 7-13-13) please sign up right away. I will have the sign up list with me tonight and it will be available on Tuesdays. 

Thanks yours in scouting

Rick Thompson

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