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What is NYLT?

NYLT is the prominent week-long (6 day) outdoor leadership experience for current and future troop/team/crew leaders, utilizing the patrol method. It presents leadership skills in multiple formats providing the opportunity for participants to live and practice these leadership skills. Youth staff conducts virtually all of the training. The course follows the BSA National Youth Leadership Training curriculum.

Participants will be engaged in hands-on training led entirely by youth staff that will cover criteria essential to being a leader within their unit, school, and life. Not only will that, but their time here reflect “one month in the life of a unit”, as characterized by official National BSA NYLT Course. All this and more is done within risk free, scout friendly environment of Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation.

What is the purpose?

Through activities, events, games and adventures, NYLT participants will work and play together as they put into action the best that Scouting has to offer. They will practice and experience leadership skills first hand!

Who can attend?

NYLT is for young men and women who are registered Scouts or Venturers and:

  • Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts must be 13 years old, and no older than 18, by August 3, 2013.
  • Venturers must be 14 years old, and no older than 21, by August 3, 2013
  • Must be at least a First Class Scout by August 3, 2012.
  • Currently hold, or will hold, a troop/team/crew leadership position by NYLT.
  • Agree to live by the Scout Oath & Law or the Venturing Code.
  • Parents, Scoutmaster or Advisor must agree and recommend the participant.

If Interested in staffing and already took the course feel free to send in a stafff application with your information. This is a great opportunity to refresh your last course as well as be role model for others.

What is the cost?

$175 Gulf Stream Council Participant with registration postmarked on or before July 22, 2013
($195 if received after 7/23/13; some items not guaranteed, such as shirts, patches, etc.)
$200 if not registered in Gulf Stream Council postmarked on or before July 22, 2013
($220 if received after 7/23/13; some items not guaranteed, such as shirts, patches, etc.)

Application available at

For more information, please contact:

Youth Course Leader:
Daniel Olbrych:

Adult Course Director:
Steve Whalen:
• 561.351.1258

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