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Eric’s June 8th Eagle Project Info

The people that are helping me out on my Eagle Project on June 8th please come to my house at 8am.

I live at 2369 Edgewater Dr, West Palm Beach, 33406

If you get off 1-95 at 10th Ave and go west until Florida Mango, then take a right on Florida Mango and go .7 mile until Edgewater Dr. take a right on Edgewater Dr and cross over Palm Road. My house will be the 4th house on the north side will a Mini Cooper and a Suburu in the drive way.

If you are coming please bring (if you have available ):

  • cordless electric drill
  • a phillips head screwdriver bit
  • an 7/16 wrench
  • a 1/8th” drill bit
  • rubber mallet
  • hammer
  • tape measure
  • pencil
Write your name on all the items that you bring. This will help prevent someone picking up your stuff at the end of the project.

Thank you
Eric Fullilove

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