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Next Court of Honor at 9-24-13 , advancement reports attached

Hi Scouts,

Next Court of Honor will be at 9/24/13  during Troop meeting.  Cutoff date will be 9/10/13.

Below I have attached three different reports so you can check the progress of your rank , Merit Badge earned and Partial MB.  So check it out and work on your rank/MB before the cutoff date.


This file includes all the Merit Badges/Ranks I got so far  for the coming COH : Troop_0215_Court_of_HonorAug27_2013new

This file includes all of the partial Merit Badges I have recorded in TroopMaster. Most of them are MBs from past Summer Camps.  Partial_Merit_BadgesAug27_2013new

The following file includes advancement progress reports for all scouts :Individual_Progress_ReportAug27_2013new

If you have any question or find anything that is missing or incorrect,  email me at or talk to me during Troop meeting.


Elsie Crichton





2 comments to Next Court of Honor at 9-24-13 , advancement reports attached

  • Dillon A.

    Hi! How do we go about reviewing the summer camp merit badge partials. Dillon is listed as needing requirement #3 for swimming but when reviewing with him he said, he did all of the items listed in number three. Is there someone that went to summer camp that can verify this from his class? Or is there another scout that took swimming with Dillon that could verify his completion of these items? If not… can he plan a swim date with Someone to complete these b/c they are fairly simple to do…. his patrol leader was or is Cameron Owens… can he sign off if he does these with him?

    Pam Arrieta

  • Mrs. E. Crichton

    There are a few adults in our Troop are able to sign off on the swimming MB, such as Mr. Leikala. I think Mr. Leikala is going to the Ft Pierce campout this weekend. If Dillon is going to the Ft Pierce campout, he can complete the missing requirements there.

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