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SAW Day Visitor Sign Ups

This year’s SAW (Scout Advancement Weekend) will be happening at Tanah Keeta on November 15-17. Beginning tomorrow night, Tuesday 10/1, we will register any boys who want to participate in the Saturday merit badge classes as day visitors. The price for a day visitor is $32 and it includes food for the day and a t-shirt. You need to provide your own transportation to and from Tanah Keeta unless someone decides to coordinate carpools. If the troop should decide to camp, then we will convert any day visitors who want to camp into campers, but that decision hasn’t been made yet. Because all of the merit badge classes are on a first come, first served basis we want to give the boys a chance to register beginning ASAP. In order to reserve your spot in the classes you must either pay in full or have the money in escrow. I have attached the list of available merit badges > YouthAdultActivities-2013 . You can select two ½ day classes or 1 full day class. We will have forms available tomorrow night. We will ask you to select multiple classes and rank them by preference. Please contact me by email or phone 561-685-7671 if you have questions.

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