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Available popcorn booth times for this weekend:

Fri. 10/4 – Alabama Joe’s (Canyon Lakes) 5pm-7pm 1 opening;
Publix (Woolbright&Federal) 5pm-7pm 1 opening and 7pm-9pm 1 opening.

Sat. 10/5 – Sports Authority 11am-1pm 1 opening AND 1pm-3pm 2 openings

Sun. 10/6 – Boynton Diner (Woolbright & Federal) 11am-1pm 2 openings;
Publix (Woolbright & Jog) 11am-1pm 2 openings AND 1pm-3pm 2 openings

Please let me know A.S.A.P. if you can sell at any of these booth times/locations by replying or text me at 767-0830.  Scouts, remember that a parent/adult needs to be with you at the booth. I will post the month’s schedule within the next 1-2 days.  –Jamie Ann

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