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SAW Registration Update – Troop Camping

The PLC has decided to camp for SAW (Scout Advancement Weekend)at TK from 11/15-17th so I will be working with Mr. Thompson to get everyone registered and signed up for SAW & their SAW Classes.  Registrations will continue tomorrow night. The camping rate is $46. It includes meals on Saturday, Sunday breakfast, a t-shirt and the classes. (Day visitor rate is$32 and includes lunch, the classes and a t-shirt. Day visitors are responsible for their own transportation). EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION PRICING ENDS NEXT WEEK (for youth and leaders) so if you plan to go, please register by Tuesday night, 10/15 or the fees will increase $10 at each level.  We cannot register you for classes until you have paid for the event.  Scouts, the sooner you sign-up, pay & submit your course registration sheets (available tomorrow night) the better chance you have of receiving the classes you prefer.  Adult leaders will be needed, so please sign up.  Adult training classes are available and included for leaders.

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