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Happy New Year & Message for Parents

Happy New Year to all.


If you’re still looking to make a new year’s resolution or another, how about a simple one.  Donate just one night a month towards helping your son’s Boy Scout troop!  The positions your troop is most needing assistance are the secretary and treasurer.  Lisa & Susanne (the adults in these positions), have served the troop for years.  Their sons are nearing graduation and adulthood where the need for parent involvement in scouting becomes quite limited.  The secretary mainly needs to show up once a month to our committee meeting, take the minutes and distribute them (email).  The treasurer is slightly more involved, giving a monthly report at the committee meeting and controlling the money flow in and out of the troop accounts.  These, as all other roles, are not lifetime commitments.  We’ve had parents helping out in a single role for years, months, to even as low as one event and then switch roles.

This coming Tuesday will be our first committee meeting of the year.  All parents are encouraged to attend.  While the boys meet weekly, we only meet once a month.  We start just after their meeting starts and try to end just before theirs does.  Please come to this meeting and be a part of it.

Earlier, the 2014 Adult Leadership & Committee Positions was sent out.  This list is now online – click here. The adults on this list volunteer their time and effort to ensure a safe and enriched program for your sons.  Some of these members have been serving the troop for many years, while others are taking on tasks for the first time.  All should be applauded and thanked for their willingness to serve.  Our committee puts forth a strong effort to ensure there is two-deep membership for positions.  We try to make it where no one person has to do everything.  Besides the secretary and treasurer’s positions, there are others with only one adult doing all the work.

As parents, lets set a great example to our scouts on how volunteering to work together can really get the job done well with little effort.

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