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Need donations and help for the Silent Auction and Bingo for the Spaghetti Dinner

Another reminder that we need donations for the Silent Auction and prizes for Bingo for the Spaghetti Dinner on Feb 18.   Please bring them by the coming troop meeting or this Sunday during Scout Sunday event at Grace Church.

Here are few suggestions:

–  leftover gifts from the holidays.

–  gift certificates or items if you know some local businesses such as restaurants, hardware stores, music stores, golf courses that may be able to donate.

–  small items with the same theme and to make a gift basket.

–  any ideas such as car wash service, painting fence/room,  mowing lawn service from scouts…..

 –  donation for prizes for Bingo can be small items such as water bottle, hat,  mug, game … etc.

 I also need helpers to organize the activities.

Please call 561-386-4846 or email me  if you can help or have any questions.



Elsie Crichton

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