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Spaghetti DInner


Based on the tickets that we have sold looks like we will have around 200 for dinner.  Scouts that are attending camp will be expected to volunteer. All scouts who are working the event will be fed any others will be asked to purchase a ticket. I need 26 scouts to volunteer we have 26 scouts going to summer camp… As Scouts Volunteer I will asign the posistions.

 5:30 pm scouts arrive for dinner service….I know based on school schedules that will be tough for some but we will make it work

5:45 pm registration table set up… I need 2 adult volunteers for this as I will be in the Kitchen to handle walk ins I will have a cash box a

6:00 pm guests arrive Silent Auction opens and will be taken to their seats by 2 scouts who will be ushers

6:15 pm Grave will be led by a scout and the dinner buffet opens  and service starts

7:00 pm Bingo starts  

7:30 speaker comes on

8:00 pm event is over and clean up starts 6 scouts we will need to seep and mop the dining room and kitchen in addition to clearing all the tables.

Salad station 3 scouts

Bread and Butter station 2 scouts

Spaghetti station

               1 for pasta

`              1 for sauce

               1 for Meatballs

Dessert station 2 scouts

Beverage station 2 scouts

All Scouts clearing tables and clean up

 This is my suggestion for the evening an am open to other suggestions as for the food  that is easy and I will handle the prep work and have everything ready to serve at 5:30




Jason Boekholder


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