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Cracker Trail Food and other Important Information

Hi Cracker Trail Scouts,

I know the food schedule is a little odd for this campout so I thought it would be good to put it in writing so everyone can review it.

Saturday breakfast will be from the Cracker Trail Grill.  You will be able to pick one item (Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Sandwich or Breakfast Casserole) and a drink. Many of you have already let me know what you would like, those who have not should still be able to get what you would like.  I got enough information to give the Grill an estimate.

Saturday lunch will be cooked by each patrol.  You will have 55 minutes to cook and don’t forget to cook extra so you can feed the mayor. These meals will be judged and should be nutritionally balance.  Have a great attitude and don’t forget to clean up after yourselves.

Saturday dinner will be provided by the Cracker Trail staff.

Sunday breakfast will be provided by the troop.  Grub Master Chris will buy breakfast for the whole troop.


Patrols had to be mixed together for this event so some patrols have picked new names.  I believe the Grub Masters are as follows (Please correct me if I am wrong):

The Patrick Stars Patrol Grub Master is Chris L.

The Ninja Patrol Grub Master is Eddie W.

The Squirrel Patrol Grub Master is Nick B.


Review the attached documents for better information about the Cracker Trail event and the skills you will need for each town stop.


Here are suggest items to pack as a patrol:

Chuck Wagon

Patrol Flag on a pole

Patrol Name and Number on your wagon

Boy Scout Handbook

First Aid Kit and materials

Paper and Pencil

Patrol lunch and cooking gear.

Rope for Lashings

Pouch or Bag to hold nuggets

Garbage Bags

Water in a container (1/2 gallon of water per scout)

Team Snacks

1 Backpack per patrol, packed for a two night hike.

Wood for a fire if your lunch needs it.


Additional packing List for scouts beyond the normal campout packing list:


Pocket Knife

Rain Poncho

Totin Chip (If you have it)

Firem’n Chit (If you have it)


We will meet at Grace  on Friday at 5:30 to prepare and leave for TK.  Please contact me if you have any questions.




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