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Pack 241 Webelos Crossover


We will be meeting at Chancellor Charter School on Tuesday night, January 31st, to crossover 6 Webelos from Pack 241 into the Troop.  Please be at the school by 7:00pm, in full Class-A uniform (Neckerchief & Smokeys, if you can find them) to welcome these new Scouts to our Troop.

The address for the school is 3333 High Ridge Road, Boynton Beach.  (

Mr. Wysong

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  • Jay U.

    (From Mr. and Mrs. Unruh)
    The Unruh family would like to thank 215 for doing such an outstanding job last night at the 241 crossover. What a great example. You were prompt, polite, helpful, and looked outstanding in your uniforms. Thank you!

    We are looking forward to getting to know everyone soon.

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