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River Raft Roster

The following scouts (30) /adults (8) have registered for the River Raft Regatta Weekend at TK 4/25-4/27. This information will be submitted to council by 3PM tomorrow. If this information isn’t correct, please notify us ASAP and before 3PM tomorrow/Friday. There is an increased fee for late registrations.
Bats: Derek P, Dillon A, William W, Chris L, Cameron O
Narwhal: Evan K, Thomas C, Jimmy L
Ninja: Andy T, Geoff T, Connor M, Charlie C, Eddie W, Connor A, Cole F
Phoenix: Eric F, Jay U, Jimmy T, Damien A, Domenic P
Stealth: Cory E, Eric P, Nick B, Ian H, Simon B
New/Radioactive Dragons?: Clay F, Collin U, Bryce C, Denvil/JD, Josiah C
Adults/Blackbeard: Geoff T, Patrick H, Alan F, Steven S, Tony A, Julie C, Paul F, Brian W

Thanks! Paul & Lisa Freeman
Paul Cel:561-685-7671

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