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Battle of Olustee Camping Trip – February 18-20

Men of Lantana!

Be Prepared to step back in time…. to February 1864.  Watch as Federal troops march through North Florida with the intent of capturing Tallahassee, and freeing slaves along the way.  Witness the terrible Battle of Ocean Pond (Olustee) as Confederate troops from Florida defend their homes, and screaming Georgian soldiers repel the Yankee Horde! See the brave freedman of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry hold the rear guard as the Union army retreats to Jacksonville.

If you like American History, guns, cannons, bacon, hardtack, ladies in big dresses and “Dixie” played on 19th century musical instruments, you CANNOT miss this trip.

Make sure you “Enlist Now!”

Lt. Weissang, commanding

215th BSA Regiment, on duty at Lake City


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