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American German Club Service

Good Morning Troop 215!

We need Scouts to sign up for this Saturday, May 17 to help Mr. Boekholder and the American German Club.

We need 3 Scouts for the Noon to 3pm shift and 7 Scouts for the 3pm-6pm shift.  CLASS A must be worn.

This is extremely important if we want to be able to continue to use the facilities for future fundraisers.

Please contact Mr. Freeman or Mr. Putnik if you are able to volunteer.

Thank you.

Julie Chorney


2 comments to American German Club Service

  • Leah

    Josiah will take noon to 3pm, I do not have a list of e-mails yet otherwise I would e-mail them directly myself


  • Cole F.

    Just as a reminder, as part of the American German Club agreement with troop 215, it is urgent that we assist them with their event. We still need more scouts for Saturday, especially for the second 3:00 to 6:00 shift. This is a Class A event.

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