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Campout Directions

Hello everyone! For the campout this weekend we will meet at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. I have posted the link below to MapQuest. Please be there at 6:30. You might want to bring raingear, because the forecast called for rain. Thanks, and I hope you guys have a good time!

Cole Freeman, Scribe

Click here for Directions to IBEW

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  • Mr. J. Owens

    Thank you for the link, Cole. I have not checked the link but will post the address for all you gps folks. 4620 Summit Blvd. If the driver of the vehicle is spending the night, drive as far south as you can in the parking lot. Turn right and we’ll be in the back. If you are going to drop off, when you drive into the parking lot make an immediate right. You will see a small roundabout and an open fence. Call me if you need any further assistance in finding the place. 561.255.8722

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