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Thank You Cards

During the meeting we talked about making sure thank you cards are being sent out to our community supporters. Thank you boys for doing a great job signing the cards I had last week!  Being thankful lets the community know we appreciate them and their support and it’s a great way to be and show we are reverent to our community around us!

I am getting two more  cards for the German Club and for the Masonic Lodge. I would like to have a group picture to put in each of those cards so if anyone has a copy( or can make copies) of a good troop photo for the cards please let me know.




Ps. Boys…. You don’t have to wait for an adult to send out a card, if you know of a thank you that is yet to be given! Take initiative make a card, grab a card at the dollar store and do it! Don’t wait for the adults (we forget stuff with our old brains!) Just be sure to let us know you did so we don’t send a bunch to the same place!

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