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Thursday night at Tk


Today our warriors finished the bulk of their merit badge work. We then febreezed them and went out to a nice dinner at Duffy’s where we were joined by several members of the TK staff. Since dinner they have been attending a variety of fun activities.  Our very own J.Dizzle just dazzled us with karaoke rendition of Eye of the Tiger. Tomorrow is  a free day where they can finish last minute requirements and then engage in a host of camp competitions. Our SPL Charlie “Hand Me Down” has been an exceptional leader and guide to the rest of our campers. Eric “Unicorn Swag” completed many of his classes early and assisted in the handicraft area with his counselor. J.Dizzle and Josiah “Fly Trap” have completed a plethora of advancement skills in the Wings program. And Shane “Just Shane I Guess” is now an expert kayaker, ready to lead an expedition into the wildest rivers this world has to offer. Mamas, your boys are now men, feed them raw meat!

Yippee Ki A

Awesome out.

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