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Camp Daniel Boone Extra Fee Update

Ok here is the information on the extra fees for Summer Camp…

As Art posted this morning all extra merit badge fees will need to be paid for by the scout at the scout shop at Daniel Boone with the money that they brought (they also take credit cards if someone wanted to do a prepaid credit card). Please review your merit badge class and the youth guide on the Daniel Boone website for complete details; Example of some of those fees are kits for  any of the craft’s: Leatherwork, Woodwork or Basketry, those  kits will need to be purchased either at camp or brought with you, per the Adult leader guide those costs vary based on selection. Archery also has a kit that will need to be purchased in order to make an arrow.  

All other merit badge costs will be adjusted this week and charged accordingly. There was a discrepancy between Daniel Boones Merit Badge Website and the adult leader guide all of the adjustments are minor some like Archery are a refund to the escrow account because the scout will need to bring with them or purchase an arrow kit.

Whitewater rafting will need to be paid at camp. Listed below is a document with the details but my understanding is that this late in the year the Pigeon River is the best trip to take which would be $40.00

 If the troop chooses to do free time activities Shooting sports etc or any other activity like an ice cream or pizza party with an associated fee that fee will be paid by the troop at camp an assessed to the scouts  escrow account  if they participate when we return.

Rafting trip



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