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Summer Camp Health Forms

So far I have Health Forms and Insurance Cards from the below Scouts.

  • J. Christians
  • Co. Freeman
  • B. Godbout
  • C. Marcellus
  • E. Putnik
  • S. Smith
  • A. Thomas
  • V. Weiss
  • L. Wooley
  • S. Wooley

Attached is the latest BSA Health Form.

For summer camp, we will need parts A, B, and C completed. Kindly turn the Health Form Parts A, B, & C  and a front and

back copy of your Health Insurance Card to me at our meeting on Tues.

If I do not have your complete Health Form, A, B, C and Insurance card before bus departure, you will NOT be allowed on the bus.


1 comment to Summer Camp Health Forms

  • Mrs. K. Unruh

    Thank you, Mr. Putnik-

    The Unruh boys have their HFs completed and we just scanned them digitally last night to our computers.

    Do you need original documents?

    I will get them to you before the next meeting.

    Lynn Unruh

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