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Ideas for activities to do on the bus to Boone

It’s going to be a long bus ride to Daniel Boone, so we should start thinking of ideas for what to do on the bus ride now.

If the bus has a system for watching movies, What movies should we bring to watch?  Are there any games that we want to play on the bus?

When I was in troop 395, they had a bingo game where you had to find funny things along the way, such as an old lady driving a sports car, and other stuff like that.

My dad has a little booklet (from the 70’s) that contains a ton of games, some of them using pencil and paper for drawing, or for simply keeping score.  In one game, you have to think of homophones, in another game, you have to find different street signs.

If you have any ideas for movies or games, please comment them to this post.

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