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Yard Sale Success!

Thank you to everyone that helped out today.  The yard sale made about $500!!!
Great job to all who set up on Friday and for those who worked today.

I’d like to make a few special thanks for a few all day constant extra hard workers who are hopefully enjoying a well deserved rest:
Mr. Thompson for taking care of most of the pricing and money collections.
Mrs. Crichton for taking care of the clothing all day.
Mrs. Leach for EVERYTHING she was doing.
Mrs. Christians for ensuring our staff by the street are not left to whither away.
Mr. Crichton for the setup and book room work.

There were more who worked hard, but these adults really stepped it up and ran the brunt of this yard sale for the troop

Another special thanks to THREE of our now Adult College Eagle Scouts.  Tyler, Steven & Eddie were a great example of Eagles who have continued to help out their troop when they can, thank you both.

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