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Goodbye Camp Daniel Boone

The bus got on the road at 8:30AM – estimate being home around 9-10PM, another estimate will be sent after mealtime and as the bus gets closer.  Make sure you have text messages set up from the troop for instant info. (click here to add yourself to the list)

The boys spent yesterday competing in the Mountain Man Competition.  The competition consisted of rifle, archery, shotgun, climbing, water activities, as well as ecology, knot tying and helping out camp.  Many of the boys in the climbing merit badge did their final climbs to make up for rained out climbs.  The troop ended the camp activities with the final campfire.  All the troops performed songs and skits.  Our troop sang the 1942 song. 

The troop earned the Long Rifle Award.  This award is given to troops that participate in camp activities, keeping a clean camp (read it again, clean CAMP, not clean SCOUTS), have a daily pioneering project, and have scout spirit. 

It has been an awesome experience at Camp Daniel Boone.  The troop in on the way home.

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