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Announcements for 9/2/14

Hi everyone, since I’m the scribe for this term, it’s my job to post the plans here on the website.

Meeting Details: Wear Class A, Bring Rope, a crazy hat and a drinking cup. Patrols will be working on Cheers, Patrol Names, and Flag Ideas. We will be teaching the square knot, the taut-line hitch, and the two-half hitches.

There is a committee meeting this week for committee members.

PLC’s will now be the first Thursday of every month at Grace for troop leadership.

September’s Assignments:

  • Setup- Alpha Patrol (Jimmy’s patrol)
  • Opening/Closing- Bravo Patrol (Dillon’s patrol)
  • Cleanup- Charlie Patrol (Brock’s patrol)

Upcoming Campouts

  • September’s campout is still being worked out. Details will be released when it is confirmed.
  • October 3-5 will be Frontier Days. Sign-ups start this Tuesday and will be done before and after the committee meeting. It will cost $44. There are 27 merit badges being offered. Payment, Merit Badge Choices, and Permission slips are required.  See Mr. Boekholder’s post for details.
  • November 15 is SAW. We will be going as day guests. No sign-up is available yet for this.

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