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Troop Contact List Updated

I have updated the website’s troop contact list.   It now has the troop in the new patrols.  I can update the patrol names when they are given to me.

There is only ONE phone number listed.   That is the number leaders will call to contact you!  I have only received 8 information sheets that were handed out at the court of honor!  Of those, only 4 had a number checked/starred/marked as the primary contact number for leaders to call.  If you have a ‘no’ next to your name, that means I received a sheet without a number marked.   If your line is empty, that means I have not received your info yet!

If you have misplaced the sheet, this is the information I am looking for (you can just email me):

  • Name
  • Main Phone Number
  • Grade & School
  • Scout’s email (if any)
  • For each parent :
    • Name
    • Home Number
    • Cell Number
    • Email

Most of the other stuff on those sheets should either be on the health forms, or not needed (like automobile info).

Thank you.

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