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Announcements for 9/9/14

Announcements for this week:

Meeting details:  Wear Class A, bring rope and a drinking cup. Patrols will be working on their names, cheers, and flags. We will be teaching the bowline, sheet bend, and the figure eight.  BE SURE TO BRING FLAG MATERIALS.


  • Setup: Jimmy’s patrol
  • Opening/Closing: Dillon’s patrol
  • Cleanup: Brock’s patrol

Upcoming Events:

  •  September 13th: Josh’s Life project, the POW-MIA-OREE, is this Saturday at the South Florida National Cemetery. We will need to be at the event by 7:30 A.M. We will be passing out waters, laying tokens, and doing private readings. This is an exciting event that will have news coverage and dignitaries. Please come out and support Josh’s project. He needs a lot of help from 215. There will be a sign up sheet on Tuesday.
  • October 3-5: Frontier Days. Classes are filling up fast so please sign up as soon as possible. The campout will take place on Oct 3-5. The cost is $44.00. 27 merit badges are being offered. Payment, merit badge choices, and permission slips are required for registration.
  • November 15: SAW. We will be going as day guests. No sign-up is available yet for this, but be sure to keep the date open.

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