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SAW Registration Begins

SAW Registration is open. Saw will be 11/15. We are attending as Day Guests. We will have forms available next Tuesday night. If anyone would like to register before that date please let me know by 10PM tonight and we will begin a batch of registrations this week. I can register you this week if you have escrow to cover the amount or if you commit to pay by Tuesday. If you do not pay by Tuesday, your spot will be given to someone else. You will be held responsible for the $35 if your spot is not used. We anticipate being able to book classes by this Friday for registrations received tonight, so please have course selections to me before Friday morning. I will post the course selections later today, or they are available in the committee email that was circulated to the parents already this morning.   At this point, everyone will be responsible for their own transportation to/From TK. Thanks!


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