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Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor

Hi there-

Do we have a personal fitness merit badge counselor within the troop?  If anyone could let me know, that would be great!

Mrs. Unruh

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  • Mr. T. Kacdrowicz

    I have just started taking over managing the Merit Badge Counselors, and according to the list Jamie supplied me, both Alan Fullilove and Lisa Sulger have registered as Merit Badge Counselors for Personal Fitness. I do need to clarify whether the status of all of the counselors is up to date, but you could ask them specifically when you contact them.

  • Mrs. K. Unruh

    Ok, thanks, Tim.

    Alan says personal management, not personal fitness.

    Lisa’s “graduated”. 🙂

    I’ll call council.

  • Mrs. K. Unruh

    FYI after talking to council: We don’t have a council list posted anymore because of “privacy issues”.

    There is no advancement chair current in place for Everglades District. Peter, our DE, is going to send me the District or Council list.

    If he finds it, maybe we can post that somewhere here on our PW protected site so that the boys can find the info?

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