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Saw registrations

OK, we received our signup for Campersoft.   Here’s who I signed up and what for.   If you have only one class listed, it is because that class is a full day course.  Let me know ASAP if there is something wrong.   Also, I set your shirt size to whatever you had for summer camp.  If that is incorrect, let me know.

Josiah C. – Inventing
Charlie C. – Personal Mgt / Cit. in the Nation
Thomas C. – Personal Fit
Cole F. – Auto Maint. / Art
Clay F. – Inventing
Eric F. – Welding
Evan K. – Cit. in the World
Josh K. – Art / Photography
Eric P. – Environmental Science
Geoffery T. – Communications
Andy T. – Environmental Science
Jay U. – Auto Maint. / Personal Mgt.
Collin U. – Reptile & Amphibian Study / Metalwork
Will W. – Radio / Weather
Vincent W. – Welding


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