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Announcements for 11/4/14

Meeting Details: Wear Class A, bring a drinking cup and a crazy hat. This week we will clean out the trailer and work on patrol boxes. Each patrol, please bring materials to make a yard sale poster.

General Announcements:

  • Please give Cole input for summer camp through the poll on the website. We are either going in state, out of state, or just TK. As a reminder, the further we go, the more we have to pay for transportation.
  • If you are interested in staffing Fall Family Campout, talk to Mr. Boekholder
  • Grace Presbyterian, our host church, is raising money for new chairs. If anyone wants to donate money to Grace, the treasurers are collecting the money.
  • Please turn in the popcorn show and sell forms and the money to Mrs. Wooley ASAP. She needs them by this week.
  • Sign up for any scoutmaster conferences or boards of review ASAP. The cutoff date before the court of honor is the last Tuesday of this month, 11/25.

NEW assignments for this month:

  • Setup: Vipers (Arrive 15 minutes before the meeting starts)
  • Opening/Closing: Thunderbirds
  • Cleanup: Patrick Stars

Upcoming Events:

  • November 6: PLC for the people on leadership.
  • November 7: Yard Sale Setup. This is from 4-6PM to set up for the yard sale.
  • November 8: Yard Sale. It will be split into two shifts, the first being from 6-9AM and the second from 9-12. Please sign up at the meeting.
  • November 8: Scouting for Food. We will meet at Mr. Putnik’s house( 3793 Edgar Ave. Boynton Beach ) at 9AM. We will be going around picking up the food.
  • November 15: SAW. We will be going as day guests.  You will be responsible for your own transportation.

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