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Important SAW info

    SAW is tomorrow!  Here are some facts:

    – Wear your CLASS A Uniform
    – Bring a water bottle (preferably with water)
    – Bring a pencil/pen, paper – BE PREPARED!
    – Wear a hat / use sunscreen
    – CLOSED TOED SHOES (not crocks…..),  unless waterfront merit badge
    – Bring any prerequisites, worksheets, merit badge books, etc. that you have or were told to do
    – Bring your SIGNED blue card!!!
    – (Optional) Bring spending money if you want to purchase anything from the trading post or grill
    – If possible, have a copy of your health form with you

    – Classes START at 9 AM!  There will be traffic!!!   Your scout needs to WALK to his class area, plan accordingly.
    – Mr. Putnik will be by the Health Lodge (next to the welcome pavilion in parking lot)
    – Meet with Mr. Putnik to find out where your classes are.
    – If you have ANY questions, you NEED to ask Mr. Putnik when signing in or another adult
    – There will be NO adults with our troop guiding you to your classes, it is the YOUR responsibility to get to the next class
    – There will be A LOT of scouts at this event
    – Lunch is CHAOS.  Do no wait around for everyone, you can eat with anyone you choose, at any time lunch is served
    – Scouts are HELPFUL, do not be afraid to ask another scout or leader for help finding your classes
    – Classes END around 6PM  (SIX), some may end earlier, others later. If you do not have a phone, make arrangements on where to meet your ride at pickup.


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