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Announcements for 11/18/14

Meeting Details: Wear Class A, bring a drinking cup. This week, we will check the patrol boxes for missing gear. OA elections will be this week.

General Announcements:

  • Sign up for any scoutmaster conferences or boards of review ASAP. The cutoff date before the court of honor is the last Tuesday of this month, 11/25. Each scout is permitted only one scoutmaster conference or board of review each meeting.
  • Remember to turn in completed merit badge cards.
  • Please turn in pictures for the slideshow to Jay Unruh. He needs them soon to put them in the slideshow.
  • We will narrow down our in-state summer camp and TK dates this week. Any adults who are interested in attending as leaders, please talk to Paul Freeman so we can pick a date that works.

Assignments for this month:

  • Setup: Vipers (Arrive 15 minutes before the meeting starts)
  • Opening/Closing: Thunderbirds
  • Cleanup: Patrick Stars

Upcoming Events:

  • January 9-11: Scout Days at the Daytona infield.  The cost is $46 per scout. The deadline for this price is December 2nd.
  • February 27-March 1: Cracker Trail.  Pricing is free, please turn in your permission slips to redeem our free campout! However, your scout account must be up-to-date, please pay off any unpaid balances to the treasurer. The deadline to get this campout for free is November 25.

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